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Please see our list of F.A.Qs about 12 month loans which includes information about repayments, applications and everything else you need to know. Get informed!

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Read our comprehensive 12 Month Loans guide. Everything you need to know about 12 Month Loans. An absolutely essential guide for anyone applying for these types of loans.

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12 Month Loans with NO Hard Credit Check

12 month loans with no hard credit check , As you will already have realised, if you have a poor credit history or are known to the banks to have missed payments on loans and other financial packages in the past, you may well struggle to get any kind of financial help from high street banks and building societies. This is because you are deemed to be too much of a risk for the banks to invest in you - they see it as though you have had a chance in the past, and you failed to make repayments, which meant that they were ultimately out of pocket themselves.

It is even more difficult to get a loan if you have a poor credit rating these days, as the recession and times of austerity have led to banks being extremely specific to whom they lend money. If, however, you desperately need some cash but are worried about being declined because you have a poor credit rating, you should look into 12 month loans that do not feature credit checks.

There are so many people out there in desperate need of a quick fix when it comes to funding, but many are put off from applying because they know that they will not get past the first credit check hurdle at many big name banks. With twelve month payday loans, and payday loan options in general however, there are no hard credit checks in place, so you could, in fact, get your hands on a couple of hundred pounds within minutes. The loan packages are ideal for people with bad financial marks against their names, but you may well be wondering why firms offering these loans would take a chance on you when you have been rejected by many high street banks.

The truth of the matter is that, regardless of your previous financial history, they will take a chance on you, but if you fail to meet repayments you will normally feel the force of higher interest rates. These loans generally come with much higher interest rates than the banks, so failing to meet payments on time may mean that your financial situation is considerably worsened. As with any kind of loan, however, pay the money back when repayments are due and everything will be ok.